Dear Readers,

We finally gave up on Green Submissions. It became too much of a hassle for both you (our devoted readers and writers) and for us. It was an imperfect system. So, we have made some changes. Take a look at the redesigned site.

Rest assured this is still the AL that you've grown to love. We just tweaked things a little.

The magazine has grown beyond ANYTHING that we had ever hoped for. So, it has made us a little slower. But, rest assured, we're still hanging in there with everyone.

Write On!

Jessica & Ben


  1. Hello. I have submitted a poem through Green Submissions on May 18 but have not yet received a reply. Should I continue waiting or should I resubmit the poem using the new system?

  2. I have the same question as above. I submitted through Green Submission on Dec 1 2015. Do I need to resubmit using the new system?

  3. Hey Folks,

    If you haven't received a response through Green Submissions, please re-submit. Many of the submissions came up blank. It was very glitchy. Thanks.

  4. Just submitted and received an auto response indicating i should submit after April 1. It's May 3. Just wondering. Are you open for submissions? Was the auto response unintended? Thanks.

  5. Hello and good morning from Los Angeles, Ca. I discovered Aberration Labyrinth a few months ago in March. I submitted 3 poems that same month, but my concern is that I submitted too early for the summer issue. Will my poems still be considered or should I submit my poems again? Thanks