Dear Readers,

We had a rough 2019 here at AL, and failed to get our issue out. We had one completed, but it just never got posted. However, it is posted now.

It is also with heartfelt sadness that our Art Editor, Ben, resigned in 2019. We are not currently taking art until we've found a new editor.

Our team of reading editors was also diminished in 2019. But, we're happy to inform you that we're back up and running. Our missing issue was posted today and we're vetting submissions for our next issue.

If you submitted prior to 2020 and did not hear back, please consider your submission declined. You're welcome to re-submit here or try your hand at placing your world elsewhere.

Write On!



  1. Hello. I have submitted a poem through Green Submissions on May 18 but have not yet received a reply. Should I continue waiting or should I resubmit the poem using the new system?

  2. I have the same question as above. I submitted through Green Submission on Dec 1 2015. Do I need to resubmit using the new system?

  3. Hey Folks,

    If you haven't received a response through Green Submissions, please re-submit. Many of the submissions came up blank. It was very glitchy. Thanks.

  4. Just submitted and received an auto response indicating i should submit after April 1. It's May 3. Just wondering. Are you open for submissions? Was the auto response unintended? Thanks.

  5. Hello and good morning from Los Angeles, Ca. I discovered Aberration Labyrinth a few months ago in March. I submitted 3 poems that same month, but my concern is that I submitted too early for the summer issue. Will my poems still be considered or should I submit my poems again? Thanks