2022 Issue Incoming!

 Hello everyone, We just made our way through this year's slush pile. If you submitted and were accepted, you should have an e-mail in your inbox. If you did not receive an e-mail, it means you weren't selected for publication at this time. That being said, we'll be working on the new issue over the next week or so and hope to have it up early April.  Remember our magazine format and submission guidelines have changed. So, be sure to read through those even if you've submitted in the past. We're closed for submissions until December! We hope to see your awesome work at that time. <3 Jessica & The Labyrinthians

2021 Updates

 Hello Labyrinthians, It's been a year since our last publication, and we've been a little understaffed during the pandemic. So, we're making some changes to the structure of our publication.  It's not going away, but it is being drastically altered. If you've submitted and haven't heard from us, your submission hasn't been chosen for publication at this time. But, once new submissions are open, please submit again! Thank you for your patronage and patience. -AL Staff

Aberration Labyrinth - As The World Falls Down

 Hello again, all you abberations out there.  We here at Aberration Labyrinth are happy to present to you our Summer 2020 issue, "As The World Falls Down". We hope you enjoy the varied poems within our issue. If you'd like to view it as a flippable issue, click here . If you want to download the PDF to keep for yourself, click here . We are officially open for our Winter Issue (it will publish late winter/early spring--we're aiming for March) from Sept 1 - Nov 1. So, get those poems in. Thank you for your readership. -AL Staff

Aberration Labyrinth - Lost in The Void

Hello Everyone, We've been promising a new issue for ages and just haven't had the time or man power to get one out. However, we realized we actually had a small issue that never got released. So, we're releasing it now and we can't emphasize how sorry we are for not getting this out to readers sooner. It's short, but has some really great material. You can find the flippable version here: If you'd like to download a copy for yourself, click here:

Winter 2018 Issue

We know you've been waiting a while for our Winter 2018 Issue, but wait no more. It's here! The slush pile was pretty large, but we think we were able to come up with a strong issue for Winter. Read it. Post it. Tag it. Share it. Enjoy. Make sure to submit for our Summer issue once the reading period opens up again! Thanks. -AL Editors

Summer 2017 Issue

Hey Folks, Now that we're at the tail end of Summer, we're ready to reveal our Summer issue. Thank you for all of your wonderful submissions. We had about 600 to go through and we read some wonderful work, but we were not able to fit everything into this issue. Submissions for the Winter issue are open until December 1st. Enjoy! -AL