The Mission

Aberration Labyrinth (AL) was established in 2012 by Jessica Gleason and Ben Mohr. The two shared a dream of expanding the publication world beyond the narrow confines of mainstream print media. AL now enjoys a readership of several thousand, monthly. 

When started, AL was a short monthly digest. Since then, it has grown a bit more than Gleason and Mohr were prepared for. So, it's current incarnation is a bi-annual publication. Each issue features 30-50 pieces of striking poetry.

So, what are we looking for?

We do not want poems about sailboats. They're sort of tired and boring. We are looking for underground writers who are looking for a place to muck up the internet with their bold and interesting writing. We treasure poetry that strays from the path. We want raw, evocative, emotional poetry. We love imagery. We love free verse; we also love the aubade. The form is up to you. However, we do not traditionally publish prose poems at this time.If you write nature poems, religious poems, rhyming verse or boring poetry, please submit elsewhere. We're not looking for that. Consider reading a back issue or two before submitting for the first time.

At this time, we do not offer compensation for publication (other than some potential web exposure). Please visit us on Facebook.