Saturday, October 20, 2012

Special Feature - Ray Santos

‘Le Amore Es Un Cane Che Viene Del Inferno’

She said I reminded her of Bukowski
I took that as a compliment
But later on I thought about it
She might have just meant I looked old
And jaded
Rough around the edges
Worn down and down and out
I took it as a compliment anyway

Maybe it was because we had just had sex
And were laying in bed naked
And she read me “Love is a Dog From Hell”
in Italian while we lay there
It sounded even better in her language
In that sweet voice of hers like music
She said she liked sex at night and in the morning
At night to help her sleep
In the morning to start her day off right

She bought the book by Bukowski
after a bad break up
And she was mad with love
She was looking for something to help her cope
When she saw the title she knew that was the book
It was in Italian with the English translations side by side
So she taught herself English by reading Bukowski
If you really want to learn a language, she said
You have to first learn the curse words.

She loves chaos
She told me, it draws her
Like a moth to the flame
So naturally this is her city

I always attract the mad ones
I told her as she laughed
And fell asleep in my arms
in that hot sweaty night

In the old historic part of town
most of the flats have no AC
so you have to leave the windows open at night
So in Naples, when you fuck, the whole block fucks with you.

We had pizza and drank Belgian beer
We held hands
I put my arm around her
We kissed in public
In front of all those Italians
And sun burnt tourists
In front of the facades of churches and palaces
Hundreds of feet high
Hundreds of years old
Facades that saw kings crowned
and later sent to the guillotine
without ever flinching
or giving a rat’s ass either way
and neither did we

Our love could be eternal
can withstand anything
just like those buildings
we thought as we went back to her flat
and fucked one last time

I felt like I could stay there forever
With her in those sweaty sheets
In her city and its dirty streets
But it was time to move on
so I caught the first train
out of town the next morning
and just let it be.

Ray Santos is a man of few words. Usually about 2000 to 3000 to be exact. He is currently working on two short story collections about his hometown of Hialeah, Florida and his travels in Europe. His poems and short stories have appeared in such distinguished online publications as Hobo Pancakes and EWR Short Stories.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Contest Runner-Up - Lori Simmons

"The Stalker"

In the ghostly morning hours
Upon the black-blue granite sea
The clandestine clipper moors and waits

Clang, clang, clang, greed’s bell calls
Putrid, sultry smells stir...golden eyes awakens

As its thick, thorny skin escalates up the sea wall
The stones bristle with pain

In a manic hunt for a meal
The beast defenestrates his body onto the dark street

Like a coffee deprived morphine addict…it panics
Fear driven and blood thirsty
The night stalker filches a helpless soul before he slinks back to his ship.


Lori Simmons was born in central Florida and moved around a lot in her childhood. She has lived in the U.S. and overseas which added to her exposure to different cultures and ideas. Since a young age, Lori wrote poems as a way to express her feelings about what she saw and experienced. Her poetry reflects her spirituality, life, passion for nature and creativity. It wasn’t until earning her BA in English from the University of Maryland University College that Lori entertained the idea of writing poetry for publication. Currently, she lives on a small farm in Cedar Hill, Tennessee with her husband.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Contest Winner - Jeffrey Park/Jarune Uwujaren

They Are All Insane
       Jarune Uwujaren

I find that the best time to work is morning
when the sky is still ink blue, sea-like,
the black clouds sailing by fast like clippers.

I enter through windows, measure my greed
by the smell of my sweat, which falls onto my patients’
open eyes. I drive thick ice picks beyond the orbs,
into the sockets. I let them scream. I bristle.

They are all insane, manic, when I first enter.
They always threaten me with defenestration.
But I persist and finish, then make coffee in their kitchens.
They owe me, these ingrates who scream as I cure their fear,
so I filch their bodies, holding them to me as I drink.

Born to a father who quoted Shakespearean soliloquies at breakfast, Jarune Uwujaren has had the sound of poetry trapped in her head since before she could read. She’s spent the past ten years of her life trying to set it free, earning an English degree and insomnia in the meantime. Her names mean "Diligence" and "Death is a Mystery".

     Jeffrey Park

The stench is always worst in the morning
as those once-blue eyes sink even deeper
into the clipper-cut grey head, and the lips that
used to be heavy with greed and gluttony part
slightly to emit the foul smell of ancient
pâté de foie gras, the odor thick and cloying.
You stretch out your hand, stroke bristles on
jowls that once rippled and danced with manic
abandon at little jokes about defenestration.
You hold a sip of coffee in your mouth, burning
away your last fears. A tiny dribble wets lips,
tongue, lets you filch one more tender kiss.

Jeffrey Park lives, works, writes and does a few other things in Munich, Germany, where Halloween is sporadically celebrated as an odd Anglo-Saxon tradition, much like fast food and reality television. That's the Germans for you. Links to all of his published writings can be found at

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Contest Results

Dear Readers,

The turn out for our contest was not as large as we had hoped. Still, we have a few winners to honor during the month of October. Look forward to seeing our contest winners in digital print. We'd also like to announce that WE ARE OFFICIAL! Aberration Labyrinth now has its very own ISSN# which you can find located under our (not so great) logo on the right-hand side of the page.

Submissions for Issue #003 are now closed. We will re-open the zine for submissions on October 5th. We can't wait to see what everyone has in story for Issue #004! We've been a little inundated with submissions. So, if you're still waiting for a reply--we promise we haven't forgotten you.

Take a look in our "Contest" section. We've just announced an EXCITING new contest for the upcoming winter holiday season!