Thursday, June 25, 2015

Special Announcement

Our founding editor, Jessica Gleason, is releasing a new book. We wanted to take a minute to recognize her and to promote her latest creative effort. Please consider supporting Jessica and her writing by purchasing a copy of the book (or one of her previous efforts, we're particularly fond of "Sundown on This Town"). Jessica is more than happy to sign copies of the book. If you'd like to arrange and interview or signing, please query us here at AL (

Here is Jessica's press release:

Local author, jessica gleason, to release third novel, “Damned Before Breakfast” with champagne books
“Damned Before Breakfast” is the second novel in the “Wisconsin Weirdos” series. Following the break-out novel, “Madison Murphy, Wisconsin Weirdo,” Gleason now takes us to another dark corner of Wisconsin’s bustling paranormal community. This novel explores the vampire population living underneath the great state of Wisconsin. Lovers of Wisconsin and lovers of the paranormal, alike, will enjoy this sexy romp into the unknown.

As a Wisconsin native, Jessica Gleason, brings authenticity to the characters and environment. She is witty and writes steamy romance with gusto. This is an entertaining book that is sure to delight readers. It’s a fun book to read while bathing in the fine Wisconsin summer sun. Gleason is also the author of “
Sundown on This Town” which was released by Popcorn Press in 2014.

“Damned Before Breakfast” is scheduled for release on July 1st, 2015 from Champagne Books. It will be available as an e-book straight from the publisher. It can also be purchased through Amazon and The book is currently available for pre-order through iTunes. To learn more about the author and this fascinating title, visit:

If you would like more information about “Damned Before Breakfast” or to schedule an e-mail interview, please e-mail the author direct at Book signings are available. Please query.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Spring 2015 Issue - The one you've all been waiting for!

Dear Readers,

I would like to apologize personally for the delay of the publication. I was out of the country on a business trip and had almost no access to the internet. As I do have final say so on the publication, everyone had to wait for me to return and dug myself out from under my mountain of e-mail. Again, so sorry! Our August issue should still go out on time. Thank you for your patience.



Hey Folks,

When selecting poems for this issue, we turned away OVER 50 poems for not following the submission guidelines. These are important. Please read them and adhere to them when submitting to AL.

We also declined several poems because they had not actually been pasted or typed into the form. It was strange. We received several blank submissions. Some just had titles. Please make sure that you're filling the form out before submitting. Thanks! This may have been an issue with Green Submissions. There were so many of them. We don't rightly know. But, if you received a response saying that we had not received any submission, PLEASE SUBMIT AGAIN! We want to read those poems.

-AL Staff