About The Editors

Jessica Gleason, Founding Editor

Jessica Gleason writes because Bukowski no longer can. She breaks norms, drinks whiskey, rinses and repeats. Gleason has two published novels, "Madison Murphy, Wisconsin Weirdo" and "Damned Before Breakfast." Both are available for purchase from the publisher, Champagne Books. She also has one published poetry collection, "Sundown on This Town" available from Popcorn Press. Her work can also be found in Postcard Shorts, The Idiom, The Writer's Eye, Fickle Muses, Misfits Miscellany, SF&D, Citizens for Decent Literature, Verse Wisconsin, Rusty Truck, Visceral Uterus and many more. If you want to read more of her work, google her. She occasionally, likes to sleep in a Star Trek uniform and has mastered “The Song of Time” on her ocarina.

Ben Cashmere-Cannonball Mohr, Art Editor

(Unfortunately Ben resigned in 2019; we aren't currently taking art until we've found a new editor)
Ben Mohr, former Prince of The Order of The Serpent, has resigned his noble position in favor of civilian life. But not all that glitters is made of gold. Ben is a master of seduction, tight-rope walker, Olympic swimmer, and co-developer of The Omni Gun: The Gun That Fires More Guns. He is a formidable patriot and selfish lover. He faced great strife when he was blacklisted as a communist by the McCarthy Administration. But, he overcame the stigma by fighting one hundred of his supposed "Ruskie" comrades in an international fighting tournament. This earned him the trust of his native homeland once more, and his reign of terror began anew.