Submission Guidelines

Please read ALL submission guidelines before sending work to this publication. Work that does not follow our guidelines will be rejected without being read. No exceptions.

*Please DO NOT send print submissions to one of our home addresses. It’s extra creepy.

What Can I Submit?
  1. 1-3 Poems (per reading period)
    • Winter Issue Reading Period: September 1 – November 1
    • Summer Issue Reading Period: March 1 – June 1
  2. If you submit your poems as individual entries instead of in one entry, we will only read your first submission. All others will be denied without review. 
  3. No simultaneous or previously published work. This can get messy. So, we don't deal with it. We only want fresh work. If you've self-published or you've published to the web, you may not submit to us as this does count as previously published work. 
  4. Poems can range in length from 2 lines to 2 pages. Do not send us an epic. Also, keep in mind that our format does not allow for very long lines and/or prose poems. For more on the type of work we're looking for, please review "The Mission" and one or two of our archived issues.
  5. Generally we read and respond to submissions for our Winter issue between December 1 – January 31st. We read and respond to Summer entries between July 2 – August 2. We try to get through work as fast as possible, but depending on the number of submissions we receive, this can take some time. Please be patient with us.
How and Where Do I Submit?
                   I.            Submit by e-mail to (Please write SUBMISSION and YOUR NAME in the subject line of the e-mail)
                II.            Entries must be pasted IN PLAIN TEXT into the body of a single e-mail.
a.       Multiple e-mails will be deleted without being read. We only take your first one each reading period.
b.      E-mails with attachments will be deleted without being read. Virus freaks here!

We receive a large number of submissions during each reading period. For this reason, we cannot always respond to each individual poet with feedback. You will ONLY receive a detailed response if you’ve been accepted. Rejections will receive a one or two sentence e-mail informing you of the rejecton.

If we've rejected your work, it likely means it did not fit with the current issue. Don't be discouraged; submit to the next issue.

Aberration Labyrinth claims first-time publication rights, but all rights revert back to the author upon publication. The publisher will keep the poetry active through the duration of the issue, after which it will be archived.  We will not remove poems from our .pdf files. If you publish this work again, please mention that you were first published here. 

*There is no monetary compensation for publication at this time. You will be notified if this changes.  For now, potential web notoriety will have to suffice.