Sunday, August 5, 2012

In-Between #1 - RB Harmon

Nexus of Wonder: A Brief Tribute to Touch
RB Harmon

My mouth salivates at the thought
To touch her, would be to touch wonder made solid
Electricity through chemistry
Surging through my fingertips, through my palms

It peaks my senses,
I hear her heart
Feel her pulse,

Animalistic craving

Stronger and faster I surge forward
Drawing ever closer to
An event horizon of sweaty ecstasy

A gateway to paradise
Where flesh meets flesh
Creating something greater than mortality

Within a series of brief moments
For a single instance I am more than alive

Bio: My name is Richard B Harmon, and I'm from Charlestown, MA. I have a terrible Boston accent and am perpetually pissed off and horny. Thats it.

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