Thursday, August 23, 2012

In-Between #10 - Emily Strauss

Found Poem: “Submission Guidelines”
(with apologies to the Editors)

We are happy to read
though we don't believe
in non-fiction in any
existential sense
we seek voicework
we do believe that less
is more
we seek writing that
with a premium
on freshness
we have no interest
in the pedantic
rather we look for
conspicious brilliance
in an otherwise non-
descript room without
on the sublime and surreal.
Sometimes it's sad
but necessary
to grapple with the subtleties
of our own poetics
though you should assume
the worst if you
don't hear from us
in six months
since we receive plenty
of subpar, pointless
rants and preachy writing
which we may make
the subject of mockery
since most writers try
to hide their stupidity
and given the asininity
of most people we can
only say we look forward
to your unbecoming.
We will apply our theoretical
properties and complex
algorithms to determining
subject bias
and if we find your poem
musical when read
you may hear from us.
You retain your own rights.

Biography: No one knew I wrote poems for many years after I started in college. I finally found someone to read my notebooks and since he didn't laugh too much, I decided I could call myself a writer.

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