Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In-Between #2 - Ceilidh Devine

The Tea Party
Ceilidh Devine

The tea party was very significant
Only a few selected were able to join
The tea was brewing
The chatting was contagious
The talking non stop
The words were never leaving
The letters came spinning out
Some fast
Most slow
Always coming out
The few that shared the pot
Were grateful of the leave
Many wondered
That they were crazed with mess
The sentences were long
Paragraphs short
The book read
The kettle steamed
The bag split
The cup cracked
The hatter laughed
The cat stretched
The tea party was a clatter of madness

Biography: I have been writing poetry since December 2011, I have had a few poems published so far, before I was writing poetry, I was undertaking a BA honors Degree. I have dyslexia, words will not leave my mind, so I wrote them down and now I am a poet

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