Saturday, August 11, 2012

In-Between #4 - Michael Estabrook

Hill of Beans
Michael Estabrook

Keep in mind that all the crap going on at work:
the new boss, Mr. Corporate Company Man,
with his action lists and projects lists
and deliverables lists
more numerous than locusts after a storm;
and the new reorganization up top,
Mr. So-And-So now the executive VP of blah-blah,
Mrs. Snooty Pants now the Director
of Who-Gives-a-Crap . . .
Mr. Fat-Cat Big-Cheese now running
the darling start-up division in the far east . . .
and the recent explosion of meetings
like mushrooms popping from dead pine trees,
all of it, every single bit of it, everything,
is crap, pure crap, because it really
doesn’t mean anything, really
doesn’t matter at all, not now
nor ever in the past nor in the future,
doesn’t amount to even one
damn little hill of beans.


Michael Estabrook
is a Marketing Communications Manager
for a tiny division of one of the biggest companies in the world,
and man, going into an office every day can be excruciating.
The stuffy air, the florescent lights are killing me.
Thankfully I can retire in 10 or 12 years (maybe).
But I still think that somehow
I’ve got to get myself on some boat
collecting phytoplankton, or into the rich brown hills of Montana
searching for TRex bones. Then again maybe I simply
should’ve stayed on Northfield Avenue where I belong
and learned to fix cars like my Daddy did.

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