Friday, July 5, 2013

Issue #007


  1. For some reason (possibly my own inability to cut and paste), my poem is missing the last verse. Here it is in its entirety:

    Shopping for Souls

    The pastor says
    she’s gone home to Jesus.
    He talks about her baptism,
    her big heart,
    and the deeds done.

    The pastor says
    we are all sinners
    and the cost of sin is death.
    That unique savior
    is the only key to heaven.

    The pastor says
    she was a believer, she was saved.
    The people she fed,
    strangers she clothed,
    children she took in
    as if they were the best
    of her blood,
    do not count as stamps
    in her heavenly passport.

    The pastor says
    Who believes?
    Now, this second,
    for the first time,
    and ever after?

    I can’t help but think
    good deeds don’t require
    a church.
    Tell me, preacher,
    how much do good deeds cost
    when you’re shopping for souls?

  2. Terri,

    Thanks for posting the last verse for us... it was not in the submission you sent in. However, we love the work just the same. :)

    -Jessica (AL)

  3. Jessica,

    Thanks so much! I copied multiple poems into the submission and suspect that I lost something in the midst. I'm glad you like it both with and without.