Aberration Labyrinth - Issue #016

Dear Readers,

As you already know if you follow us on FACEBOOK, we had to delay this issue in order to work on a special dedication. We here at AL lost a good friend and a great supporter of our zine. So, we wanted to honor his memory. We had hoped to include fan art, but weren't able to gather it in time. Although, we're still open to accepting fan art for the next issue. We did, however, put together a short dedication to our friend Garrett. He will be missed.

We hope you enjoy this issue. It is full of great writing of great variety. We were impressed with the submissions and we hope to see more for our November issue. That is coming sooner rather than later. So, get that work in.

We also updated the look of our site a bit to include links to previous issues. You'll find the links on the right hand side of the page. Some people were getting confused about how/where to find them. So, we streamlined the process.

As always, Write On!



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